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allow me to introduce myself

If you've ever had a face to face conversation with me you'll quickly realize that I struggle with formulating my thoughts into actual sentences. When I write, it just flows, my thoughts on paper are so much easier to follow because background noise doesn't exist. I'm able to literally track what I'm thinking verbatim. I feel safe to write or just type out the emotion humanity doesn't know how to handle because they don't give themselves the chance to process on their own.

I write to inspire. I write as an outlet. I write to keep it real. I write because deep down inside I've been called to do it.

Americans are human vacuums that just suck in whatever else will make them look busy on paper for the misconceived human desire to feel needed.

Busy schedules doesn't equate to productivity or effective living, its just a rude reminder to keep your priorities in check. People have gotten so out of touch with each other and it's because the anger, guilt, shame, pain, addiction, and weakness has overcome them.

I wonder at times if the average person truly knows who they are at the core.

So that's why I'm here to share my crazy stories as a biological mom of one (Lil' Jon), spiritual mom to many, specifically my 2 main homies (Josh & Matt), wife to a passionately tireless lead pastor (Jonathan Robles), soldier in the PA Army National Guard, and corporate newbie. Jon & I are not your traditional millennials. Becoming lead pastors at 21 & 22, fresh out of college, to lead people who could be our own parents us has definitely accelerated our learning as stewards, ministers, parents and professionals.

There are a lot of spinning plates which is why I make sure I still know who I am at the core so that my identity in Christ isn't one of them.

I write to make sure I stay true to myself. It keeps me grounded and in between the lines I can see where God is trying to work through me. It empowers me to face my own fears, insecurities, doubts, setbacks, trials, small wins and breakthroughs and I invite you to follow our journey. I pray that God will anoint and lead me as I open myself up to you so that I can help you stay encouraged. There's still plenty we don't know but God has shown me that you nor I can do it alone...

- Jackie