• Keith & June Applegarth

    Lead pastor

    Keith and June Applegarth are dedicated individuals who serve as the lead pastors of the Evangel PA Church. With a deep passion for sharing the message of faith and love, they lead the congregation with wisdom, compassion, and a strong commitment to their community. Keith and June's leadership inspires and guides the church members, fostering spiritual growth and creating a welcoming environment for all. Through their dynamic preaching, pastoral care, and involvement in community outreach, they strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve. Keith and June Applegarth exemplify a genuine dedication to their faith and a sincere desire to help others on their spiritual journey.

  • Daniel Lenoci

    youth PASTOR

    Daniel Lenoci is an exceptional individual who serves as the youth pastor at his church with unwavering dedication and passion. With a genuine love for young people, he is committed to nurturing their faith, guiding them through challenges, and inspiring them to embrace their unique identities in Christ. Daniel's vibrant and relatable approach creates a welcoming space where teenagers can freely express themselves, grow in their spirituality, and form strong connections with one another. Through his engaging teaching, mentoring, and organizing of impactful youth activities, Daniel encourages personal growth, empowers young minds, and fosters a sense of community within the youth group. His genuine care, compassionate nature, and deep commitment to the spiritual development of young individuals make Daniel Lenoci an invaluable asset to the church and a role model for the next generation.

  • Janet Schafer

    Worship Director

    Janet Schafer is a talented and dedicated individual who serves as the Worship Director. With a deep passion for music and a heart for leading others in worship, Janet brings a unique blend of creativity and spiritual guidance to her role. Through her leadership, she curates uplifting and meaningful worship experiences that connect people with God and foster a sense of unity within the congregation. Janet's musical expertise, coupled with her ability to create an atmosphere of reverence and joy, inspires worshippers to fully engage in the presence of God. Her commitment to excellence in music and worship, combined with her warm and welcoming spirit, make Janet Schafer an invaluable asset to the church community, as she leads and uplifts others through the power of worship.